SEO Statistics 2022-2021

SEO Statistics

SEO Statistics 2022-2021

What should you know about Search Engine Optimization in 2021? These statistics can help you refine your SEO strategy this tear.

  • Organic searches account for to 53.3 percent of web traffic
  • An amazing 92.96% of all global traffic involves Google search, images, YouTube and Google maps.
  • 31.7 percent of people using Google clink on the first organic result
  • 69.7 percent of people use four or more words in their search queries.
  • 47 percent of people who contact a sales representative have read between three and five articles first.
  • The average article on page one of Google is 1,447 words long.
  • Google only shows an average of 8.5 results on the first page of the search results.
  • Organic search results get 70% to 80% of clicks.

SEO Facts 2022-2021

People search for information on the web. They don’t click on ads or use social media to find what they need. SEO professionals need to know this and concentrate their efforts on helping clients be found in organic search results. It’s important to know what search terms people are using.

Google dominates the web globally. Searches performed on the search engine, maps, video and images searches accounted for 92.96 percent of global traffic. If you’re an SEP professional or a webmaster doing their own SEO, it pays to keep on top of every announcement Google puts out. While they don’t reveal their exact algorithms, most of their communications give you a good idea about what is important to the company. Other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo also get traffic, so you can pay a certain amount of attention to them, but only if you have time.

It pays to be on top. Over 31 percent of people performing a Google search click on the top organic result. Since Google ranks sites by relevancy, it’s essential to find the right keywords to try to reach the top spot. Everyone can’t be number one, but it’s a lofty goal. Unfortunately, in many industries, the number one positions are occupied to major, established brands. To combat this, you have to focus on long-tail keywords instead. It’s not easy to break into the top spot; we wary of any SEO agency that promises they can get you there.

It’s good news that nearly 70 percent of searchers use long-tail keywords. These searches are more specific and often result in conversions. Smaller businesses also have a better chance of ranking well using long-tail keywords as opposed to highly competitive single keywords. For example, website builder gets lots of searches, but there is plenty of competition. Best website builder for authors gets far fewer searches, but it’s highly specific and visitors are more qualified. In the end, SEO should help you drive revenue.

Content marketing is very important in SEO. 17 percent of the people looking to buy have read or watched at least three pieces of content first. Podcasts and infographics are also content people like to consume. Articles and videos can build brand awareness and build trust with consumers. The main methods brands use to distribute content include their own website, on social media and on YouTube. For B2B brands, case studies, whitepapers and interviews are also popular content because they are informative. Both B2B and B2C buyers like to be able to justify their purchase. The more facts they have, the easier it is for them to feel certain they are making the right choice. If you sell inexpensive, low-end items, you don’t have to worry so much about this as these items sell by price, not quality.

Google rewards sites that publish in-depth articles. The average length of an article on the first page of Google is 1,447 words. Including interesting facts or survey results can help you provide readers with a full picture of the topic. Break up your article with headers and bullet points to make it more readable. Images also help make long articles more digestible. Unless you sell highly technical items or services. write at a normal reading level, about eight grade. This is about the average reading level of people in the United States. unfortunately. Remember. you’re not writing for Wikipedia. Make your article engaging and talk directly to the visitor.

Google only shows an average of 8.5 links on the first page of a person’s search results. If you want mobile users to find your site, you have to invest in SEO. If you get stuck on the second or third page, you’re not going to get much organic traffic. This is especially important for local businesses as many mobile searches are for local businesses. Understand the keywords mobile users type to help make your website more relevant and earn a spot on the first page. Include local information. such as We are right next to the state park.

People have ad blindness to PPC ads in the search results like they used to have for banner ads. Organic listings get between 70 to 80 percent of all clicks. This does not mean PPC ads don’t have a place in search results. They can work well until your SEO starts to show results. They are also good for time sensitive offers, like tickets to an event. Nevertheless, this statistic proves SEO has an excellent return on your investment in either time or money to pay someone to do it for you.

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